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Our Story...

Uncle Greg's playhouses began when my son, Amadeius, was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 20 months. It was one of those days you never forget! Immediately, upon being admitted to the hospital, there was a fury of activity. Amadeius had slipped into congestive heart failure and the prognosis was looking grim. As the doctor approached us, I could tell from his expression that what he was about to tell us was not going to be good. In fact, it was not good news. The doctor told us that Amadeius had cancer, leukemia. At that point my whole life changed. I chose to give up going to medical school in order to care for my son during the 38 month long chemotherapy program he was to begin at Childrens’ Hospital of Oakland.

Although a real estate broker, I wanted a source of income that would allow great flexibility for the hospitalizations my son would require. I looked at playhouses from all over the world and discovered that there was a niche for a well-built playhouse. A lot of playhouse companies send their playhouses to you in a kit. You have to put it together or hire someone to put it together for you. Other companies ship the entire playhouse fully assembled and you have to hire a crane service to place it on your property. I decided to make it easy for everyone by building each playhouse on-site. Hence, the birth of Uncle Greg’s playhouses. I spend so much time with each family that I become part of the family, hence the name “Uncle Greg.”

My clients are among the “who’s who” of wealthy Californians.I respect the privacy of my clients and refuse to drop names for their confidentiality and protection. However, I will say this, a NASCAR owner, a sports agent, and captains of industry are among my clients

Given the experience my son had at Childrens' Hospital in Oakland, I am willing to match any contribution you make to Childrens' Hospital, up to $1000, when you purchase a playhouse from us.




Ami Grad  
UPDATE - Amadeius graduated with a B.S. degree in Health Sciences December 2015! I cannot begin to thank my wonderful clients for making this possible! I never thought this day would come. Miracles still happen - THANK GOD!!!  
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My baby boy before cancer diagnosis Ami receiving chemo In the hospital resting during chemo His home away from home!